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    Welcome to the IronRangers forums. We hope that you enjoy your stay.

    Some background on IR
    We originally started in 2004, and the primary games at that time were Battlefield and Star Wars Galaxies. The clan branched into Everquest II for several years after the SWG CU. From a FPS perspective, we have dabbled in CoD , the Battlefield series , and some other games.

    The main thing about IR is the friendships that we developed over the years. We are a more mature {older} group, and being online together has produced some very fun times.

    The website and the group might not have been as active lately ( hoping to change that) But we always want this to feel like home.

    If this is your first time, please take the time to register and say hello. If you are a returning member, post a howdy and let us know how things are going

    Hope to Cya in game

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